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John Johnston

ICT Staff Development Officer North Lanarkshire Council

Product Owner Glow Blogs

Social Media

Social media are computer-mediated tools that allow people or companies to create, share, or exchange information, career interests, ideas, and pictures/videos in virtual communities and networks.
Wikipedia: Social_media


“ How can learners develop key critical thinking skills to become confident and responsible digital citizens with the necessary digital literacy competencies to contribute and create content and differentiate between sources of information, safe and risky online practices? ”

Answer: Practise & Reflection

5rights really said it all

Coming from this for 3 places

  • Personal fascination, Blogging since 2002
  • Working with my class and school from 2004 - 2008
  • Working at Product Owner for Glow Blogs


Not so much a boast as a sad indictment

  • Own Blogs >1200 posts
  • Flickr 4,859 Photos
  • Vimeo 30 Videos
  • Youtube 64 Videos
  • Soundcloud 23 Sounds (not music)
  • pinboard 6877 bookmarks
  • Instagram 492 photos
  • Tumblr 60502 posts
  • Posterous >1000 posts
  • Edutalk >2000 audio files, not all mine


“Native speakers can rarely explain the grammatical rules of their own language.
― Kate Fox, Watching the English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour

Podcasting and Blogging @ Sandaig

  • Children publishing gained Audience & Purpose
  • We gained serendipitous learning opportunities which we could follow or not
  • We had the opportunity to think about all the gnarly questions, copyright, digital footprint, safety etc.

NLC & Glow

Glow Blogs rebooted

What are they good for?

Absolutely Everything

### Who * Head Teachers * Classes * Schools * Youngsters * LAs * Support Staff * University Students * Teachers
### Who to * Community & parents * Each other * Collaborators * Teachers -> Pupils * World Wide Audience
### What * Sharing Learning * School Websites * Class Blog * Projects * media * Cakes * e-Portfolios
## Are these Important Questions? ## Are we getting the best out of Social Media? Should pupils be more involved in posting? Do we read others productions or are we using SM as a broadcast? Are we aware of the costs & implications of using free commercial software? Do we need to teach, copyright, ownership, where is my stuff?
## More... ## long form via short form, where is your attention at? Media, 140 chars vs Video vs Audio vs Long Form? As professionals do we have enough understand the tools and their affordances? Do we know any more about Internet Princes than youngsters?
We get hung up on “ease-of-use” in software, as if that was the only dimension to judge it. But social software architectures must be judged not on ease of use, but on the communities and behaviors they create, from the invite email to the labels on the buttons. If one sentence can make this much difference, imagine what damage your UI choices might be doing to your community.
from: Stereotype Threat and Police Recruitment | Hapgood
Doug Ray on Instagram: “The Original Social Media Explained with Donuts by Doug Ray / Three Ships Media. #socialmediaexplained #socialdonut #facebook #pinterest #linkedin #youtube #foursquare #twitter #instagram #socialmedia #googleplus #lastfm #memes #funnypics”